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Dr. Carl detecting trigger points

We all deal with stress. Exactly how we deal with it or how it deals with us may vary. To learn a little more about stress and our bodies, read the
following published article and then take the stress survey that follows.



By Dr. Carl Tolopka

First, how do you determine if you have stress? Stress can be chemical, physical or emotional.
The seven major signs that one has stress are fatigue, headaches (more than 3 a year is not normal), sinus problems and allergies, sleep disturbance, tension and irritability, neck, back and body pain, and finally digestive trouble.

When you are under stress, your muscles contract (spasm) causing your spine to be pulled out of proper alignment ( subluxation) which immediately interrupts nerve signals. The nerve irritation (pinched nerve) may or may not begin symptoms right away, however, it does begin to cause your body to not function at 100%. Like your garden hose when it is kinked, it still has water coming out, but it is not at its full potential, until you get to the cause and fix the kink. Now, you can leave the kink, but it will cost you more and take you longer to achieve your goals when your only getting limited function. So it is with your body. Your stress causes muscle tension that subluxates your vertebra and immediately decreases your function (nerve irritation) and after time causes symptoms like headaches, fatigue and any or all of the major signs of stress.

This is usually the time one starts to look for medical help. The secret here is that pills, massage and physical therapy are only temporary and only work on the surface. The kink is still there. The subluxation that is causing the decreased function and symptom(s) is the key. And guess what? Medical doctors, massage and physical therapists cannot fix subluxations of the spine. They are not trained or licensed to do so.

Dr. Carl specializes in the spine and treatment of subluxations. "I do not like to see people suffer with symptoms caused by stress and think they have to live this way. Our bodies are designed for peak performance. Under my care, we get results, " Dr. Carl reveals. So, if you have a health condition that hasn't responded to your current treatment or you recognize that you have one or more of the major signs of stress, don't you owe it to yourself to get an exam to check for subluxations? Stop wasting your time and money! Get the kinks out and stress won't have its hold on you and your body. It is your choice; you do not have to suffer! Dr. Carl Tolopka of Fort Bend Chiropractic & Rehab Center invites you to call for an appointment today 281-277-2273.

The preceding article was most recently published in the Fort Bend Lifestyles and Homes Magazine, August 1999 edition.

When you have completed the survey  below, press submit and Dr. Carl will review it to determine if you are suffering from excessive stress. It is as simple as that. If you qualify and are interested, you may be contacted to participate in a stress study using natural alternatives and therapies.

Dr. Carl explains how stress may cause subluxations.

We invite you to take the following Stress Survey to determine if you are
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