Auto Accidents

"...I immediately felt relief..."

Sixteen years ago I hurt my neck when my car hit a cement bridge. I have gone to my family physician and a physical therapist, but after treatment at Dr. Carl's office I immediately felt relief in the right side of my neck. Dr. Carl is a kind and caring person. I was referred by my sister and am glad I came.

Betty H.

"...Dr. Carl worked miracles on me."

On May 31st I was involved in a serious automobile accident at the intersection of Hwy 90 & Hwy 6. I suffered some cuts & bruises, but the most serious of my injuries was a concussion and subluxations which affected my balance and me dizzy. I began seeing Dr. Carl within 5 days of the accident. Dr. Carl gave me a complete set of X-rays and ordered an MRI.

Once I had been fully assessed, we began treatment. After 3 appointments I began to experience relief from the soreness & stiffness. It has been two months since the accident and my balance is nearly completely restored.

My overall experience with Fort Bend Chiropractic & Rehab has been great and Dr. Carl has worked miracles on me.

L. Dave D.

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