Pregnancy and Childbirth

" ...our kids getting sick all the time is not normal."

I tell this story so that those of you who don't know the benefits of Chiropractic will realize that even those of us who do sometimes don't realize exactly what and who benefits from the extraordinary healing power of the body that Chiropractic brings.

My first son was born six weeks early and after two hours of pushing the decision was made to use forceps to remove him. After his birth, I, of course, having knowledge of chiropractic continued (I used Chiropractic all through my pregnancy) care for myself and soon felt great. I took care of my subluxations, but never thought about subluxations my son had from his traumatic entrance into this world.

My son was going to his pediatrician so often for colds, fevers, ear infections, and colic. Within his first year of life he was using a nebulizer for bronchial type conditions and all sorts of medications. His pediatrician had even suggested tubes in his ears! He wasn't even one year old! Right before he turned one, he had diarrhea that wouldn't stop and a culture showed that he had a bacteria in his intestines that children never get and rarely adults get. The doctor said the cause was all the medications, and his immune system couldn't fight it.

As a mother you can imagine the guilt I felt for putting this garbage in his system for him to suffer so much. Immediately, I realized there was a better, safer way. I have worked for Chiropractors for years, and as a new parent I had bypassed what I knew, letting the pediatrician decide what to do with our child. I have seen the positive results for years and I knew what to do. I am just sorry I didn't do it sooner.

Tyler began receiving adjustments immediately and was put on particular vitamins (against the pediatricians advice, it was his opinion that they would not help). I tell you that to this day the only time Tyler has required a trip to see his pediatrician is for vaccinations. Tyler is now six years old.

I am not suggesting that your child shouldn't see a pediatrician, but I am suggesting that as a parent you are responsible to look into all options whether they are given to you by your doctor or not. We all know if something is working or not. If our kids are getting sick all the time that is not normal. It is also not normal to keep putting drugs in our children. Even when its against the pediatricians advice to seek help from chiropractic, you know what's best for your kids. Children should and can be healthy.

Rebecca T.

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