Short Leg

" our visits to Fort Bend Chiropractic were great fun..."

My symptoms first began in 1988. I had severe back problems. I went to my family physician and an orthopedist. My problem was dismissed as age related. My pain level was about an 8. Dr. Carl explained that subluxations was the root cause.

My wife also had back problems and we sought help from Dr. Carl. He took command of our situations in a professional, highly competent and very friendly way. We went through the diagnosis process and were told exactly what our problems were. We then embarked on a chiropractic program.

Our back problems began to immediately improve and it wasn't very long before they all but disappeared. In addition, I had a one leg shorter than the other and it decreased immeasurably with my adjustments.

One more thing. We thought our visits to Fort Bend Chiropractic were great fun, too. And that says a lot about Dr. Carl's professional abilities as well as his personality.

Our experiences with Dr. Carl were so positive that we feel we can offer this advice: Don't suffer with problems associated with the spine. You don't have to walk around the rest of your life telling people you have a nagging back problem, or your spine is out of whack, or that it hurts to turn your neck. Se e the good doctor and watch your life change for the better fast!

Ray & Bess T.

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