Workshop Topics

Dr. Carl presents workshops in his office monthly for the public and his patients at no charge. These workshops are limited in size and most of them are hands on learning. You are encouraged to bring a guest ( family member, neighbor, coworker, friend, etc) with you so that you will have a partner to practice techniques taught in the classes. Please call our office to reserve you and your guests a seat. 281-277-2273. Reserve seating is limited .

This is just a sampling of the topics Dr. Carl discusses. To find out dates & times of certain topics and availability, call 281-277-2773 . Each seminar lasts approximately 45-55 minutes, and is held in the evenings, usually on Thursdays. ** Denotes the workshops that are most popular.

Trigger Point Therapy** - In this seminar, Dr. Carl shows you how to locate the pressure points on your body that are causing stress and how to relieve them. This seminar is beneficial for anyone that is under stress, has fatigue, sinus problems, headaches and other symptoms.


Dr Carl shows patient how to locates pressure points.

Attention Deficit Disorder** - Winning techniques that help improve performance and behavior. Understand the neurological and physiological causes that contribute to behavior. The participants in this seminar will have a better understanding of contributing factors to Attention Deficit Disorder and will be offered a non - drug solution.

Happy, healthy kids is the reward..

Balancing Hormones Naturally.. A solution to PMS and Menopause **- This workshop gives participants not only a complete understanding of the cause of symptoms that occur, but solutions via diet, vitamins, exercise and stress reduction.

 Patients receive valuable tips on relieving symptoms from PMS and Menopause .

These are only a sampling of the most popular topics. If there is a topic you would like solutions for please call or email us and we will be sure to address it immediately.

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