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       Dr. Carl Tolopka


Dr. Carl Tolopka is a Texas A&M alumnus and graduate of Texas Chiropractic College in Pasadena, Texas. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Biomedical Science.

Dr. Carl is a board certified and licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in his 25th year of private practice. He has renovated his practice into a specialty he delivers directly to your home or office. This new, innovative, model of care has increased the convenience for the patient and shortened the amount of visits required for relief. Dr. Carl spends more quality time per visit in the familiar surroundings of the patient. This gives him insight on identifying issues that help the patient rehab faster.

He participated with Hermann Hospital and UT Health Science Center in a student rotation in the specialty of neurological surgery. He completed training from the Houston Chapter of the American Red Cross, and is certified as an American Red Cross "Protect Your Back" Instructor. He annually continues his training and completes hours over and above the continuing education board requirements. 

 Dr. Carl is happily married to his bride, Becky, of 31 years. They have two amazing children. They live and serve the community and many organizations, including New Hope Church, Sugar Creek Baptist Church, Second Mile Ministry, ACA Council of Rehab, Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce, Texas A&M Association of Former Students, and the American Red Cross. Dr. Carl has served as a staff member and volunteer of New Hope Church and the Krush Ministry.  He actively sponsors organizations and clubs in the Fort Bend County and surrounding area. Dr. Carl presents workshops for his patients, the community businesses and organizations on such topics as Trigger Point Therapy, "Protect Your Back" and Scoliosis.He provides annual scoliosis screenings for schools in the area. If your school, club, company or organization is interested in having Dr. Carl scheduled for your next event, call his office @281-277-2273 to check availability.






Becky Moses Tolopka, C.A., C.P.C.


Becky is a wife, mom, Chiropractic assistant and Certified Personal Coach. She is very active in practice management for FBCR and has over 30 years experience in the field of chiropractic. Her expertise as an entrepreneur, learning experiences as a wife, mother, friend, sister, colleague and specific training from Wainwright International (NLP) has certified her as a Professional Life Coach. Becky personally coaches clients in the areas of wellness, weight loss, personal/ spiritual growth, vision planning, career / professional goals, marketing and relational issues successfully.

Becky loves giving back to the community and actively participates in church and school development/fundraising, She is involved with women's CARE group and couples CARE group with her husband at New Hope Church. She has a heart to see marriages thrive and is currently pursuing continuing education ( formal and informal ♥) in this area.

She is best described as a lady of distinction by her friends and family. She has a heart of gold for helping, listening and serving. She is very well organized and has determination to get the job done . Her mind is always working to find that best solution to overcome obstacles in her life.

Her favorite activities include tennis, reading, visiting with friends, traveling, and exploring new life adventures with her family.  





Dr. Carl giving back to the community

Dr.Carl and his family serving Hurricane Harvey victims 2017.





Dr. Carl adjusting ETBU tennis athletes in Marshall, Texas (L) and receiving "Volunteer of the Year" from Second Mile (R)


Dr. Carl serves employees at Schlumberger Health fair

Krush Student Ministry at New Hope Church


Dr. Carl supports the Fort Bend Polo Cup held annually at the historic George Ranch. It benefits the YMCA Richmond & Missouri City branches.

Dr. Carl shares the spotlight with Michigan. WB Cares for Kids helped make it a family affair.

Dr. Carl and the Houston team at the Fort Bend Polo Cup 2000.

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