Dr. Carl, you have been in private practice 25 years in a medical office building within the community, why are you providing house calls exclusively now? 

Short answer...Convenience for my patients and more of my time gives them a higher quality care. I love being a Doctor. My mission is and will always be to bring health and value to my patients. 

In my 25 + years as a chiropractor I have helped thousands of patients restore their health. It is unlike any specialty available in health care.  My personal results include reversing scoliosis curves, repairing damage from disc degeneration, disc herniation and removing symptoms such as headaches, low back pain, neck pain, dizziness, reflux, tingling, loss of mobility, numbness in extremities from spinal subluxations and other conditions. I have great news for those that have not experienced it, Chiropractic care works!

What is the advantage of a home visit?

Home visits provide the convenience my patients are looking for. Time is valuable. People are busy. Most patients want to be healthy to live productively and spend more time with the people they love. The inconvenience of waiting on a doctor, dealing with traffic, sitting in a waiting room, packing up the family to get to the chiropractor and missing valuable time from work (I travel to your place of business also) for an office visit is removed by providing home visits. Time provides my patients with higher quality care in an environment where they feel comfortable and have the time to ask me questions and get the help they are looking for.

In addition to the convenience, seeing my patients interacting in their familiar surroundings on a home/business office visit contributes to an advanced method of care compared to traditional models. Observing how the warehouse employee lifts his products, the way a mom carries /lifts her child, the chair an executive uses at the office, the position a teen holds their head while they text, nutritional habits of a family... (just to name a few scenarios) allow me to find a repetitive cause of symptoms that normally would be overlooked. My patients get better faster with home visits! The advantage of a house call visit can be priceless.


Tell me what to expect when you come to my home/office?

Expect me to be on time! Time is valuable. I will not waste your time. I arrive at your location with all the tools of my specialty. The first visit usually lasts up to an hour with treatment. First, a complete health/nutritional history followed by a thorough orthopedic, neurological and chiropractic examination is done. Review of any diagnostic test are discussed. I will allow you time to ask questions and give explanations to make sure you understand what is going on with your health. Listening to my patients is one of the most important things I do as a Doctor. My goal is to find the true root of your health issues and provide with personalized treatment solutions to restore your health. It is always a great idea to have your spouse, partner, or health advocate with you on the visit. Please be prepared for visit ( children and animals attended to) 15 minutes prior to my arrival.            A subsequent visit generally lasts 30-45 minutes.  

How much does a home visit cost?

The fee for your home visit is all inclusive. It covers all doctors time, all treatment and travel necessary. The initial appointment is a standard specialist fee. Any subsequent visit is based on the zone you reside in (or office location for work visits) and complexity of health problem. The value of health care Dr. Carl provides will always outweigh the cost you pay.  Call our office or book online for your complimentary 15 min phone consultation to discuss how Dr. Carl can improve your health.   

How do I pay for home services and may I submit my receipt to my health or car insurance for reimbursement?

We accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa through our secure online merchant provider for home services. We provide you with a super bill (receipt for insurance companies) on your visit, by request, that your insurance company accepts to determine eligibility of your benefits according to your policy. Chiropractic care is a covered benefit by most health insurances. Your auto accident coverage through PIP or Med Pay may be covered at or near 100%. Contact your insurance representative for all eligibility questions. Dr. Carl is an out of network provider for all insurance except Renaissance and Cigna Healthspring.