Our Location

Fort Bend Chiropractic & Rehab Center
Stafford, Texas

Our location...is right where you are! Home or office,

Drop us a pin and we will be there!    

Among the first in our specialty, DC on Call is an Exclusive provider of chiropractic care directly to your home or office. 

This new, innovative design of health care is conducive to extraordinarily positive results in a relatively shorter amount of care than the traditional model. No more rushing to get to an appointment so you can wait some more for the Doctor to see you. No more traffic trying to get to your appointment. Now you will save time! And you will receive time. 30-45 minutes of quality time.

No more being shuffled in and out, waiting on different doctors each time. One on one time is spent personally on your care! All your health care questions will be answered. You will be in the comfort of your familiar surroundings at home or in your office. Dr. Carl will bring every thing to provide you the most expert chiropractic care.

If you're looking for an experienced, dependable, reputable doctor that is dedicated to your health care as his priority AND you want the convenience of having a spine specialist delivering the most up to date procedures right to your door...you have located the right place. 

  online or we will personally assist you at 281-277-2273.